The german cultural center is organizing an art exposition at the art museum , it’s worth to check it out especially if you like photography.

Arno Fischer (*1927 inBerlin-2011Neustrelitz ) is one of Germany’s most important photographers. After studying sculpture, he turned to photography in the fifties. He worked in East Berlin during this period, and, as a man who walked the line between East and West, his photographs reflected the situation in the divided city. There he produced seminal works, including fashion photography for the legendary magazine Sibylle—Zeitschrift für Mode und Kultur. In addition to his expressive portraits of people such as Marlene Dietrich, his haunting travel photos, taken in the German Democratic Republic, Poland, India, New York, and Africa, reveal Fischer’s sharp gift for observation and his talent as a sensitive narrator. “Germany’s most famous unknown photographer”  lived his last years  in the country, where he used a Polaroid camera to take casual, seemingly random close-ups of his garden.

You can visit the art museum : in winter time ( from october till april) : Tuesday-Sunday  09.00-17.00 ( during national holidays it is closed)
                                                      in summer ( form april till october) : Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00 ( during national holidays it is closed)

Ticket price :

  • Full ticket: 5,00 Ron
  • Student:  1,00 Ron