Local tour guides since 2011…

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our project and to our way of exploring Romania!

We started as an enthusiastic initiative of some friends passionate about their city and in love with travelling. Now after more than 10 years we still enjoy every tour and continue to find ways of offering the best experience for every tourist.

What we do?

Our aim is to encourage travellers to discover the stories, the spirit and the best sites of Romania in an interactive way,  so that in the end, you will be able to see in these places an intriguing and friendly destination to explore. For this, we organize free daily walking tours in Bucharest and Brasov, which every traveller is welcomed to join.

What we do differently?

The tours have a strong interactive character as the goal is to encourage smart travelling and willingness of discovering the places and people of each journey. Our guides are locals in loved with their city and with travelling also. They are willing to offer all their knowledge and personal view about the real life in their city.

Why we do it?
We truly believe that, in this way travellers will get to “feel” the city and we will contribute in improving Romania’s image and promoting it’s touristic potential. Also, through other projects we want locals to learn more and to express their  love for their city, helping guests to enjoy travelling here. We love  what we are doing!
What we wish?
We hope we awake your curiosity and we are waiting for you to join the tours, as a starting point for your adventure in Romania. We wish you will have a memorable tour and reccomend others to visot Romania and to join our tours.