On 8th of March people from all over the world celebrate Women’s Day,  also known as International Women’s Day and officially recognized by the United Nations.

For us, for the Romanians, is known more as Mother Day 🙂

Since kindergarten, we organize symbolic small shows for our mother, we sing songs and we learn poetry about and for them. And believe me, there’s no mother with no tears in her eyes.

The most important thing is to make something for your mother.When I was a kid, that meant to make something like a postcard, write what you wished for her and draw something (of course, the more you love her, the bigger and complicated the postcard).

Now, since we are living in the era of consumerism, kindergartens usually have different offers: magnets with your kid, digital pictures with your kid, trinkets with your kid and maybe even a workshop to create something with their own hands (like small bracelets or fimo jewelries)

Some say this is an “old” celebration and that it is not that important anymore, but, the kids thapoza 8 martiet got “older” with the feeling of making something for their mother, continue to celebrate it each year. Now we might bake, create flower arrangements or any type of decorations, but  the important thing is that is made by us.

Of course, a selfie with your mom would be most impressive for your Facebook friends, but the smile on your mom’s face is more valuable than a thousand likes!

And yes, now we are trying to make it also about the Women’ s day, not just Mother’s  day and we’re getting there…slowly 🙂

Young men of today were raised celebrating 8th of March as Mother’s day and nothing more so it is quite difficult to make them believe otherwiseJ

Until then, celebrate your Mom everyday, don’t wait for The dayJ

Look how we celebrated 8th of March at our tour in 2015! With flowers for the girls, of course!


Cover photo credits: http://www.designsmag.com/celebrating-mother-day-2015-why-mothers-day-is-a-very-important/