You have a limited time to spend in Brasov? We prepared you a list of “must do” and “must see” in our city. Hope to enjoy our recommendations to top experiences in Brasov. Can also be performed in the given order!


  1. Start your journey in the Main Square – ‘The Council’s Square’ which is the heart of the city. Go on the Free guided tour and discover what Brasov has to offer. You will then make a general idea about the city, have a better understanding about its history and population, but also receive good tips from the tour guide. The tour lasts for 2 hours and it covers many places, including ‘The Black Church’, ‘The Rope Street’, ‘Ecaterina Gate’, ‘The Schei district’, ‘The first Romanian School’, ‘The Black’ and ‘The White’ Towers.
  2. Have a walk on the pedestrian street of ‘Republicii‘. Check out the shops and street performances.
  3. On the way try a traditional street food like ‘covrigi’ (pretzel), ‘kurtosh kallacs’ (dough rolled in granulated sugar and nuts) or ‘placinta’ (fried pie).
  4. Go up ‘Tampa Mt’ (walk or cable car), have a break at the panoramic balcony next to the ”Holywood” sign or take a few more steps to the wooden panoramic pavilions, from where you have amazing views over the city.
  5. Get down from ‘Tampa Mt’, have a walk on the alley underneath it, next to the fortification’s walls, towers and bastions. Contemplate the city from above.
  6. Take a few steps descending, end up at the ‘Weaver’s Bastion’. Go inside and visit the city’s 3d model and permanent exhibition. (OMG, yes, they have a 3d model of the city!!!!!)
  7. Go back to the centre of the city, find a traditional tavern and have a traditional meal. A few traditional foods that you can try are: ‘ciorba in paine’ (bean soup served in bread crust, with vegetables and pork ribs); ‘bulz’ (polenta with maturated cheese, egg&bacon, baked or grilled); ‘sarmale’ (minced porc&beef meet rolled in sour cabbage leaves); ‘papanasi’ – as desert ( fried pastry with sweet cheese&jam). And of course, don’t forget to try some memorable drinks like ‘tuica‘, ‘palinca‘ (very strong brandies) or the local beer – ‘Ciucas’.
  8. Head towards the ‘Fortress Hill’, go up to the ‘Straja Fortress’ and enjoy a different view of the city from above.
  9. Take a free bike from the central square and let your feet take you as far as the eye can see.
  10. Reserve 3-4 hours of your time and go to ‘Parc Aventura‘, take a dose of adrenaline while having loads of fun.