Skiing, Snowboarding and Iceskating, all these and much more in ‘Poiana Brasov’!

Located in ‘Postavaru Mountains’, ‚Poiana Brasov’ is a Winter Resort that has excellent snow runs for everybody. This is the biggest and best known ski resort in Romania, just 13km away of Brasov. If you are visiting this time of the year and are interested in a few winter sports, you can either book a hotel inside of the resort, or stay in the medieval city down below.


Here are a few tips on the Poiana Brasov resort:

The winter season starts in December and lasts until April. The average temperature is about -5°C in January, but it can vary throughout the season between -20°C and + 5°C.

The resort has more than 22 km of skiing slopes with green, blue, red and black slopes for every winter sports addict out there. Its lift system consists of two main cable cars and an open gondola along with eight draglifts providing uplift of 7000 people per hour so queues are kept to a minimum.

If you go up on the mountain, there are a few must-see places on the way down where you can have a quick stop. One of them is obviously the peak – the highest point is at 1828m (6000ft) with stunning panoramic views of the Transylvanian Mountains. Also, another stop is at the famous ‘Postavaru’ chalet -1604m (5260ft), where you are welcomed to have a hot drink and one of the best meals of your trip, together with an amazing view over the next-door mountains and cities underneath.


2015-02-13 16.33.34Just to make an idea about the costs, one full day ski pass is around 100lei (25 euro) and is available everywhere inside of the resort.

And don’t worry, if you come unprepared, Poiana has everything to offer. You can easily find renting centers for full body ski/snowboard equipment, ski/snowboard schools with over 120 skilled instructors, après-ski centers mainly around the local hotels, bars and restaurants with traditional Romanian food and music, and many more.



By bus from the city: Connections between the city and the resort are very good, as there is a bus each hour, the trip lasting for around 30’ to reach the Poiana. The bus that you have to take is the bus number 20, from the ‘Livada Postei’ bus stop.Check schedules here.

By car from Bucharest: It can be reached by driving along the DN 1 road, at 186 Km from Bucharest.