Today we celebrate the National Day! So here is what Romania looks & feels like, in the most relevant aspects we could think of, from the obvious to the intimate.

*Romania is a country blessed with amazing landscapes, mountains, sea, fertile lands & great climate.

*The younger generations define themselves by a constant aspiration towards humanist values & ideals of democracy, tolerance, freedom and prosperity.

*Romania always struggles with its politics (who doesn’t, right?!) – some ghosts of a not-so-happy past seem to refuse giving up despite a constant wind of change.

*Romania has a bunch of really successful people  – great athletes, amazing artists, inventive, fully creative & intelligent folks.

*Unfortunately, the rate of emigration is very high for educated and skilled Romanians and that is an issue we must address sooner rather than later.

*Being a Romanian abroad is a full-time job. While traveling the world, we found ourselves facing some powerful preconceived ideas & stereotypes about our nation.

*But the odds seem to favor us, finally. Despite the obstacles and set-backs, since joining the European Union in 2007, our country has stepped up in all relevant aspects.

*Awareness on social policies & political/social activism is at the highest rate since forever; we found the energy to be informed, to protest when we feel like, to turn the tides in our favor.

*Still, there is a rural Romania that is stuck in time, unable to cope with the intricacies of the modern world.

*Most of our older folks seem ”left behind” and their standard of living + lack of perspectives is subject to our deepest concern.

*Yet, the civil society has adjusted, gained in numbers and power to make a difference + the resources to turn things around.

*Given the recent past, there is a common mistrust towards political figures and the not-so-easy transition from one unique ruling party to a democratic multi-parties system has had its cost, seen clearly in voting turnout, among the lowest in Europe.

*Nevertheless, the last few years have shown a powerful middle-class that make their voice more & more relevant. They clearly understood the need to step-up, to get involved, to BE the change they want.

All in all, Romania is contrasting, vibrant, authentic and alive, telling a story about resilience, ambition, adaptation & courage.

It has been a bumpy road, but nevertheless it is safe to say we all managed to form a country that we could all be proud of.

Ah, and one thing we know for sure: we are the most friendly and welcoming guys on the Planet + our hospitality is sky-rocketing and… we are totally modest 😊  

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Happy Birthday, Romania!

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