Ooooo, we’re good at this!!!

Prepare for a lot of meat, garlic and sour cream! But don’t worry, if you are vegetarian, you will find some options as well!

I am a huge fan of traditional Romanian food, but, just for you to know, I have never heard someone complaining about it…

Just a few dishes that I recommend ( of course, compliments for the chef- my mum)

Sarmale- our “spring rolls”

Only that inside we put pork, rice and spices and we wrap them in cabage rolls. Boil them and, of course, a light touch of sour cream!

Ciorba in paine – Our “soup upgraded”

Bean soup served in bread (with smoked pork and vegetables)

Bulz –“one of a kind”

A mix of polenta and cheese, we can add some bacon and eggs and we can bake it or grill it.


Papanasi –WARNING!- No pork ahead!-“ ultimate desert”

Romanian20160828_215709 version of donuts, but made with sweet cheese, on top we put sour cream and jelly and Ta Da! Great taste and design!